Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Design By J helps our clients reach out to their target audience through custom-designed email templates that match your other marketing materials, giving a professional appearance to your message. We walk you through setting up an email account with Constant Contact, an email marketing service with the best reputation in the industry. Once you let us know what you want your email to do, we take your content, insert it into the template, upload the final approved email html file with your contact list, and schedule the email blast!

We have clients who do two to three blasts a year, and clients who send out a blast each month, offering specials and keeping in touch. 

We can very easily insert coding onto a page of your website that will automatically add new subscribers to your email list, and, more importantly, automatically unsubscribe them if they wish. No manual entering of data by you...

We have a client who sends out a Loss Prevention daily email news to over two million readers annually. We provide all the artwork (except vendor ads) for this e-news on a daily as-needed basis.
Check it out here, then check out a few of our other email campaigns:            

Whether you want to introduce a new product, send out specials to your customers, or simply keep your name in front of prospective clients and let them know what you can do for them, an email campaign is the way to go - very cost effective also, as you don't have to print and mail!

Let us know how we can help you stay in front of your customer's minds!

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