Is responsive design the right way to go?
Responsive design generally works well for computer monitors, iPads and tablets, Kindles and android devices. Smartphones? If your website is fairly straightforward, responsive design is the best way to go. The screen will automatically change from one layout to the other depending on the size of the screen your customer is using. The coding within the html of your site makes this a seamless transition for your site visitors.

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What exactly is "Responsive Design"?
Responsive design applies to the development of a website that is "responsive" to the size of the screen it will be displayed on. This means that your website will automatically resize itself depending on whether you are viewing it on a computer monitor, iPad or other tablet, Kindle or other android device, or smartphone. Google search engine responds well to websites with responsive design. However, there are times when it may not be right for your company.

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If your main customer base is younger and mostly uses smartphones to surf, and your website is extremely complex, you may want to consider a separate mobile website. Relying on responsive design for Smartphone surfing if your website is large, complex, or has an e-commerce section with hundreds of products usually results in slow download times, and frustration as your users scroll through all the information to get to what they are looking for. If this is the case, you are doing your customers, and therefore your business, a big favor by having a separate mobile site.

What does designing a mobile website entail?
We can design your website so that it is responsive; that is, it will "read" what size screen your customers  are looking at and automatically redirect your visitors to a mobile verison of your website.

If your website is intensive, you should consider having us pare down the full website to the information your visitors are most likely to want to see first. This means that the html coding we insert into your site pages will redirect the customers to a faster loading simpler version of your website, depending on the size of their screen.

If a seperate mobile site is the way to go, you will need to decide what information from your website is critical for the mobile site. You can copy and paste page content into a microsoft word file and do your edits to send to us, copy and paste content into an email to us, or print out each site page and get that trusty red pen out! Either way, once this is done, we take over and optimize the new pages to smartphone and android mobile specs. The site is still "responsive" in that it automatically senses the screen size, but you have a custom-tailored mobile version for your phone-based surfers.

Anything else you need to know?
The only other thing you need to be aware of is that if you do choose a completely separate mobile website, when you need us to update your website, we will also have to update the mobile version. Yes, it does entail some additional costs, however it ensures your audience will have the right experience on your site. Smartphone and android surfers who cannot navigate your site without a lot of hassle will leave and, we all know, not come back.

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